Is the rug to be pulled out from under registrants?
Date: Thursday October 22 2009, @11:22AM
Topic: Registrars

Anonymous writes "Please be notified of the window for public comment on a white collar hoax perpetrated by ICANN and big name registrars (Go Daddy), before this becomes reality!

Available for public comment right now through November 16th, Verisign seeks approval of an amendment for its process of Bulk Transfer After Partial Portfolio Acquisition (BTAPPA)in dot-COM and dot-NET:

Verisign requested approval of a Bulk Transfer After Partial Portfolio Acquisition (BTAPPA) process from ICANN in July, with the amendment for 15-day notice to registrants. The amendment is open for public comment through November 16th, in a low-key announcement in one domain name publication, [likely] so ICANN, Verisign, Go Daddy, and other big-name registrars can slide it by the public!

Go Daddy applied for a patent for a method of selling equity in domain names in July: es

Quote from amendment:

"If an acquisition, Losing Registrar must agree to provide at least fifteen (15) day prior written notice of the partial Bulk Transfer to all registrants associated with domain names involved in the transfer. Notice must include: (i) a statement that all Transfers Rules and Policies set by ICANN and the Registry shall remain in effect; (ii) instructions on how a registrant can opt-out of bulk transfer in the event that the Losing Registrar has indicated that it is willing to continue to serve as the registrar for the domain name."
Is the rug to be pulled from under registrants' feet? Will registrants enter a new era where the registrar they believed would maintain domain name server space for life be tempted to start selling shares in, or selling sponsorships (maintenance of domain name server) of domain names, or sell "partial portfolios" in bulk, so that the registrants [our] choice is now restricted, with a 15-day notice?

What about domains which are set to expire, and can't be moved within 30 days of expiration date? According to the amendment, "all Transfers Rules and Policies set by ICANN and the Registry shall remain in effect." If your domain is set to expire, you would be stuck.

How is 15-day notice "Consistent with ICANN?s obligation to promote and encourage robust competition in the domain name space?" [registrars compete for our business]

This is an outrage! ICANNwatch has a domain name, many of you have domain names, and commercial giants might also be affected, not just a little guy, like me!

Please go here and check pertinent documents linked to:

and please make your opinion known!

This is coupled with the disturbing provision of the new gTLD Applicant Guidebook to allow price increases by the registrar. See:"

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RE: Is the rug to be pulled out from under registr
by Louise on Monday October 26 2009, @12:24PM (#17005)
User #4835 Info
Pondering this arrangement, where one registrar makes overtures to another registrar to acquire domains within the Losing Registrar's portfolio, the WINNING registrar can leverage the purchase with future profits of raising the price later!

Registrars have access to traffic info, which informs them which domains are more valuable, what the domain name holder can afford to pay once the transaction is complete, and they may base their offer on that!

Mondo exploitation by the registrar of its access to traffic info!

Let's all write the
SEC Complaint Center
100 F Street NE
Washington, D.C. 20549-0213
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RE: Is the rug to be pulled out from under?
by Louise on Saturday October 31 2009, @08:26AM (#17006)
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Here it is: Verisign sells insider information to Registrars, flagrantly pitching it right on its website!

"By better segmenting and targeting customers and prospects, registrars can improve domain name registration and renewal rates, and identify new business opportunities."

- Internet Profile Service for Registrars []

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